“A gift that CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!” – Tony Orlando

“VERY POWERFUL!” – Dr. Ben Carson

“He is TERRIFIC!” – Mike Huckabee

Altamont Elementary School

“I have been to MANY assemblies and have heard MANY speakers, but I’ve always felt that they were lying. YOU are the FIRST speaker that I BELIEVED!” –¬†Christian Ruiz, Student


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Nicholas D’Agostino is the opposite of a quitter, but the first goal of any project he takes up is do good unto others. A natural leader of men.

Calvin DufraisneSpokespersonThe Safe Heaven

Nicholas is such a caring individual. He works for the common good. He is a man of good morals, dignity, and integrity.

Breelagh DuHaimeSpeaker/AuthorBreelagh.com

Nicholas is an exceptional professional who cares greatly about the underdogs of humanity.

Carol WellmanFounderMy Sister's Place
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