“A gift that CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!” – Tony Orlando

“VERY POWERFUL!” – Dr. Ben Carson

“He is TERRIFIC!” – Mike Huckabee

Altamont Elementary School

“I have been to MANY assemblies and have heard MANY speakers, but I’ve always felt that they were lying. YOU are the FIRST speaker that I BELIEVED!” – Christian Ruiz, Student


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It is with warmth in my heart that I take a moment to reach out to you to let you know how truly inspiring your assembly was last week at the Old Tappan Schools. My 5th grade daughter came running to my car after school, jumped in and said, “I had the best day ever at CDW”. Of course I wanted to hear all about it. She began by saying, “We had the most inspiring man come and speak to us today,” and she told me your story from start to finish. She was quite taken by all that you and your brother have been through. She was inspired by your words and your overall attitude toward life. Later that day, she emerged from her room and asked if she could read me a poem she had written because she felt so inspired. Thank you for sharing your story with our children and may your future hold only good health and good fortune.

Amy AckermanParent

We have had many speakers come to our middle school over the years. I can honestly say that Nick connected with the students more than any speaker ever has. He spoke to them for 45 minutes about his life, the obstacles he has endured, and that each of us has some kind of gravity holding us down. He reached into the hearts of the students, inspiring them to be honest with themselves and giving them the confidence to realize that they can make positive changes. He stayed after and spent time with students individually, letting them know that he truly cared about them. (Nick’s smile and laugh are contagious)

Diane BessererOld Tappan PTO

I know I’ve said this before and don’t mean to be repetitive…this blog exists because of you. I didn’t have the guts until you encouraged me that night to post my first poem. Our world was blessed the day you entered our realm. The best part is you have honored and cherished your path. We are all blessed to be able to share that with you Nicholas. From the bottom of my heart to the top of my soul, thank you!

The reception is OVERWHELMING and we look forward to every time Nick comes! He is engaging, he relates to the students very well, and he invites everyone up on stage with him! He talks to the children, not at them! So, look in your futures and see if you could have Nick come into your districts!

Greg SchraderVice PrincipalSussex Middle School

I wish you could hear the laughs! I wish you could hear the cheers! I wish you could see the standing ovation! Nicholas just brought his big heart, he brought his great sense of humor. I’ve had people asking me ever since of the end of the conference, ‘How did you find him? Where did you find him?’ I’m just SO glad that we were connected!

Anthony ReimerOutreach DirectorHoboken Grace Community Church

I just got to see Nick D’Agostino speak today at Hoboken Grace’s “Amplify” and it was AMAZING! I’m SO excited to have gotten the chance to see him!

John MiliusHoboken Grace Community Church

We wanted to thank you for your extremely polished presentation and accommodating our students. I believe your message resonated with the students as you were able to hold their attention, provide direction/motivation and offer encouragement to those who needed it. You were persuasive without being assertive. The students were very complimentary and receptive to your message.

Greg SchraderVice PrincipalSussex Middle School

I’ve seen many speakers throughout the years, but you really have a special way of captivating an audience!

Robert MisyakSchool PsychologistSussex Middle School

Nick D’Agostino came to our elementary school today and spoke to our 3rd through 5th graders. He gave a motivational speech, and originally my thinking was to have him come before our state assessments and motivate the kids to work hard and try their best. I was very impressed with Nick and our kids reacted very well to him. They enjoyed what he had to say and he made some really great connections. I’d encourage you to think about contacting Nick and using him for your school! He’s a good person!

Peter BrabantPrincipalAltamont Elementary School

Today I listened to Nick’s message to my whole class. I think he’s a real inspiration and I really loved his “Gravity” poem. I think everyone should hear what he has to say because he’s had a pretty rough life, and he still cares about others, and says that others have it worse than him. I think he’s really kind and everybody should just take heed to what he says!

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